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Hello People. I was craving Beans and corn the other day, and decided to cook it for lunch. Beans and Corn is a Nigerian dish made with beans and corn off-the-cob. It tastes delicious but can consume a lot of gas as corn takes a while to get properly cooked.

I show you a shortcut to preparing this yummy Nigerian dish and arriving at the same great taste.


valentine's day
Here are some gift ideas you can give your special lady this valentine. I share a Gift Guide for Valentine's day 2018.

Which of these gifts will you be giving? Which of these gifts would you love to receive from your man? CLICK and WATCH the video below to get your free Valentine's day Gift Guide for Her 2018.

KYLIE JENNER BABY VIDEO: Why The Pregnancy Secret?

Kylie Jenner is now a mom. Her pregnancy takes the award for one of the big secrets of 2017/2018.

She shared the big news via a video on her Youtube channel titled To Our Daughter on 4th February, 2018. Her baby girl with Travis Scott, was born on 1st February, 2018.

Congratulations Kylie!

Click on the video below to find out why she kept her pregnancy a secret.


 I share what a day in my life is like as a wife and mom of 2 girls. It can be hectic being a mom, managing the home and being me. I mash up my activities for two days to give you an idea.

WATCH the video below:


Are your feet currently looking crusty and cracked? In this video, i show you how to heal cracked heels, fast, using a home remedy. This treatment is very easy and will get rid of your cracked heels fast.



Hello mums,

If you are considering weaning your baby off breast milk or when to introduce solid foods to baby's diet, then this is for you. In this video, I show you what my baby eats and this includes formula and cereals. This covers baby from birth up to 6 months. I also breastfeed my baby and you can catch my experience and tips on how to increase breast milk supply HERE


Have you received your New Year greeting from me? How dare you Nelo 😋 Happy New Year again.  I have already told you how excited I am in my first blog post of 2018

I decided to challenge myself by filming a video in Igbo. I had to do it for the culture 💓Igbo is my mother tongue and spoken by natives of South Eastern Nigeria. I was raised in Lagos, but still speak Igbo very well, thanks to my parents.(i can read and write it too. I'm bragging now) Anyway, filming in Igbo was a challenge only because I am used to code-switching.

Now what is the Igbo word for 'SUBSCRIBE'?

You'll have to watch to see how I did:


Happy New Year! So happy we made it into a brand new year. I am enthusiastic about what 2018 has in store for me and my family.

2017 was a good year. My highlight was giving birth to my daughter, Kamara. What was your highlight of 2017?

10 Moms Share their Best Tips Before You Say Yes to Baby No. 2

As a mom of 2 kids under 3 (Zara is 2+ years & Kamara is 5 months old), living in Lagos, Nigeria, I do get overwhelmed with everything a lot of times. There are so many things I did not expect and I don't know why all these women in my family did not warn me about how hard it gets raising more than one child.

People are pretty much nosy in these parts, and once my child turned one, I was getting bombarded with questions on "when are you going to give Zara a sibling?". I wish someone had told me that being a mom of 2 is more tasking. It was easier for me to transition from having no kids to one child. I struggled more with the transition from one kid to two kids, mostly because my oldest is a toddler and the 'terrible twos' is a different ball game. Being a mom of a toddler is emotional. Also, irrespective of what's going on (pregnancy sickness, delivery, etc.) you always have another child to worry about. It helps to have a routine with both kids and preparing ahead as much as I can helps make life easier.

I was curious to know if I was alone in feeling this way or not. I ask 10 Mommy Bloggers, with two kids and more, from around the world, their experience raising their kids and more.


Merry Christmas!

This time of the year is not complete without setting up the Christmas tree. I use an artificial tree like everyone else in Nigeria 😀 and did not buy a new one this year. I show you how to revamp your old christmas tree and get it looking fabulous. I have my little helper, Zara joining me in this task. Hopefully, it becomes a family tradition.

How to increase breast milk naturally


I share my breastfeeding experience in this video. What did i do when i found breastfeeding so painful and difficult?

How to tie Igbo Two Wrappers/ George with Blouse

I show you how to dress like an Igbo woman with the traditional two wappers and blouse. I show two variations of the traditional dressing. The first is with the African print two wrappers while the second variation is with the George wrapper.

Click on the video below to watch:


Do you Kegel? The Exercise Mummy is Cleared for before her Six weeks Post partum Check-up.

Moms out there will tell you that your body changes after you have a baby. You may 'snap back' very fast but something seems to change in the way your body feels or works.

Now let me tell you guys, after I had my First child, I experienced a big shocker. It had nothing to do with my looks, because my belly still looked like I was 5 months pregnant and I was swollen all over. I was cool with that.


The weather has been so hot and humid in Lagos lately. It has me drinking water so many times during the day. Staying hydrated is fine, a long as I am staying away from fizzy drinks.


I have been craving ice cream but since I am working on eating clean, that is out of the question.

Where to Shop for Baby in Lagos, Nigeria

Online baby store in Nigeria

When I was expecting my first baby, I struggled with where I could shop for baby in Lagos. I checked online baby stores and some baby stores close to me, but usually found a lot of the items to be very expensive.

I was looking for a baby store in Lagos, where I could shop for my baby at an affordable price while getting great quality. I searched for some time and luckily found a solution.

How to get Baby's Birth Certificate in Nigeria

A birth certificate is a document registering the birth of a person. It is a very important and essential as it is required for a good number of things during a person's life.

For a baby or toddler, a birth certificate is required to process their International passport, open a Kiddies bank account, register at a school, etc.

In this video, I explain the process of getting a birth certificate for baby in Nigeria.

Click video below to watch:

Do leave your comments and remember to subscribe.

I Started a New Youtube Channel || Nelo's Halo

Hello Lovelies,

So I finally started a Youtube channel. I had been contemplating on starting one while I was pregnant, but for some reason it did not work out.

As luck would have it, I got an awesome Nikon camera on Jumia.com during their anniversary sale in July. But I had to put it away as my baby arrived 3 days after the camera arrived.


I have a New Baby

Hello Lovelies.

How have you all been doing? I trust all is working out for you.

I know I have been gone from the blog for about 3 months, but I was up to something. I took some time off to have my second baby. My bundle of joy arrived on 7th July and we are thrilled to welcome her into the world and our family.

We named her 'Kamarachidi"- an Igbo name which means, "Let God's grace abound". She is a child birthed in grace. My pregnancy was a challenging one, but God's grace kept me here and also kept Kamara. Both mommy and baby are doing fine.

As my family expands, there is a lot to get used to. Things are more hectic, i must confess. Zara is doing fine, having started pre-school in September. She loves Kamara so much and keeps going "my sister, my sister". So adorable! Daddy is also doing fine.

Stay tuned as I back and better. I wish you all a wonderful time.

100+ Unique Igbo Baby Names and Meanings

100+ Unique Igbo Baby Names and Meanings

Get a list of 110 unique Igbo Names, Meanings and Short forms.

The process of naming your new baby is one of the exciting things for parents. For some, you already have a name (s) for your unborn child(ren) even before having kids. While for others, you need some help coming up with unique baby names while you await baby's arrival.

As a Nigerian mum, there are various traditions and child naming is no different. The process of naming a child varies from tribe or what part of the country you and/or your spouse are from. In my case, my husband and I are Igbo and from the south-eastern part of Nigeria. Traditionally, babies are given Igbo names after 8 days at a ceremony. But times have changed and not many Igbo people observe the traditional naming ceremony. We had a name for our daughter before her arrival, and let's say the process of arriving at a name is a story I will save for another day. We chose the name: Chizaram, you can find its meaning below.

For any expectant parents, I have taken the pleasure to draw up a list of 110 Unique Igbo baby names, with their meanings, short forms and gender.

Note to Self for this Birthday and in all Weathers

It is another 6th of June and time to celebrate my birthday. For some reason, I was not in the mood to celebrate this year. As my birthday drew closer, I started to feel some dread, and that slowly got me in a funky mood.

I was feeling some kind of way when I looked back at the past one year. As I have gotten older, I tend to do some sort of appraisal of my self on my birthday. Looking back at the past one year, I feel as though I missed the mark on a good number of goals I set for myself. 

"I'm questioning where I am versus where I ought to be.
        How did those goals not translate into reality or money?"

And then i started to think and over-analyse, like it was going to make any difference. 

Just as the birthday text messages from my banks started to come in (yeah they love all those interests they make from me), and more messages from family and friends kept coming in, I had a slight change of mind. 

Perhaps, the past one year of my life has not been that bad. In fact, it has been good and I have so much to be thankful for. I am still not in a party mood but I decided to write this 'note to self' for this birthday and in all other weathers.

5 fun things to do with kids

Hello guys, it is that that time of the year again and Children's day is around the corner. It is marked on 27th May every year and is dedicated to celebrating children in Nigeria. Kids in primary and secondary schools look forward to this day as they get the day off school. How cool is that? 

Some parents already have an idea of how they would celebrate their kids this year. But if you are a mummy, daddy, aunty, uncle, etc. and you do not have any thing planned, then know that I got you. There is no using work as an excuse or escape, especially since Children's day falls on a Saturday in 2017. Lol!


Updating my Parenting & Lifestyle blog- Neloshalo.com

I have been working on moving my blog to a custom domain and I am happy to announce that we have successfully made the move.
I started blogging on neloshalo.blogspot.com and I have been planning on moving to a more professional custom domain name. I tell you, not being so tech savvy can cause unnecessary delays. But I am always up for new challenges, and eventually figured it out myself. All previous content is still available on www.neloshalo.com and i hope to bring you more valuable content on a regular basis.

Tips for Parents to Help Their Kids Survive Another School Year

As a high school student, my anxiety levels would go up around the resumption of the school term. There was always something to worry about: puberty, bullies, peer pressure, mathematics (I struggled with this one subject), being homesick (I attended a government boarding school out of town).These were some of the struggles I had to overcome, during the school year.

 I did not always come forward with these problems, but would often cry in the corner. I could not always hide these problems or find solutions from my friends either. My parents did their best to help me survive every school year and survive I must. As another school year progresses, I am sure there will be some kids faced with similar struggles. Parents have a lot of preparation to make, to ensure their kids hit the ground running at the start of term: shopping for school supplies, checking school information, organizing after-school activities, etc.

I was having a chat with a friend about the challenges of helping kids get through school while being a good parent. It is tough but worth it. While these preparations are important, as parents, our role in the success of our kids in the school year is huge. 

Here are some ways parents can help their kids survive another school year. 

How to tell Someone they have Body or Mouth Odour

Many of us humans clearly know we cannot stand another person’s body odour. I have seen several complaints by way of blog posts, social media posts complaining about this. Very recently I saw an interesting ad by a popular anti-perspirant brand, on this theme.

But one of the most difficult things I have had to do, is to tell someone else that they have body odour or mouth odour. You may be the most eloquent speaker, but you see this one conversation, it is hard. So how do you approach the subject? If the person with the mouth odour or body odour, is a one-time acquaintance like, a fellow passenger in public transport, co-attendee at a party or conference, I will advise you to endure and leave the issue alone.

This post will apply more to a friend, colleague, family member, boyfriend/girlfriend, employee, etc. with an odour problem.

Helpful Tips to cope with Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Morning sickness affects around 7 out of 10 women in the early stages of pregnancy. The two most common symptoms are nausea and vomiting. An interesting fact is that it can last for the most part of the day, not just in the morning. 

Personally, it is one aspect of pregnancy I do not look forward to, as my morning sickness experiences were pretty frightening in both pregnancies. It usually starts around week 7 and may stop by week 15 for most women. A small percentage of women experience a more severe form of morning sickness called Hyperemesis gravidarum. Princess Kate Middleton of England struggled with this extreme form in her two pregnancies. There are also the lucky few women who do not experience morning sickness at all in pregnancy.

Thankfully, baby usually remains unharmed through this difficult time. Also, there are many tips out there for coping with morning sickness, but I am going to be sharing some of the tips that worked for me. Please note, there is no magic pill to make morning sickness disappear, these tips will only help any pregnant woman cope better. 

4 Ways Women Can Be Bold For Change

It is another March 8th and time to celebrate International Women’s Day. In truth, we should celebrate women and the girl child every day. Every year, a theme is highlighted to give focus to the celebration. The theme for 2017 is “Be Bold for Change”. It is a powerful theme and I just love it.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day 2017, I decided to share 4 ways myself and other women can be bold for change.

2017 - Back to Blogging

Hello Friends,

It has been a while. Happy New Year!

This is my first post in 2017.

I took some time off to recuperate and nurse my bun in the oven. Yaaaay! Going to be a mum of two soon. I am feeling much better and stronger and glad to be blogging again.

As I look forward to bringing you more inspiring content, growing my empire and family, I wish you, my readers, all the very best wishes of 2017 and life.

See you soon.

How To Lose Weight Fast With These Natural Food Supplements

Of the many things we genuinely need for daily living, food has to rank next to oxygen. But what type of eating habits do you have? Do you live to eat through it all? It is not too late to make your eating healthier. Moderation is important, as too much of everything is not good for you. 

If you are anything like me, you are constantly thinking of how to lose weight fast. But it has to be in a healthy way. say No to Yo-yo dieting. To keep the weight off, you should aim for healthy and sustainable habits including: a clean diet and regular exercise. I want to share with you some natural supplements (don't worry no pills to swallow) which will help you lose weight fast. These worked for me and research confirms they do work.

Here are some natural food supplements to help you lose weight fast. These are items that are easily accessible in our local open markets.

Simple Ways To Make a Difference and Change The World

It's a warm evening and at a traffic light somewhere in Lagos, a young boy, hawking bananas is crying his heart out. What would you do? Would you stop to find out the problem or be too busy to notice? 

Just last week, my hairdresser told me a story, of how she arrived work on a rainy Monday in September, to meet a surprise. Someone had left a 3 month old baby in a box, outside her salon. Mind you, the baby was left outside in the heavy rain. 

I remember that Monday, because it had rained all night and into the morning. She took the baby to the Police station, only for the mother to come spying after a few hours. The mother escaped lynching, saying she was hungry and could not cope with breastfeeding. It was a terrible thing for her to do and it is so easy to judge her ( I know I did). Who knows, she may be suffering from post-natal depression. 

Thankfully, the baby survived it all and was all smiles, even in the rain. I said, her guardian angel was with the baby in that rain, without food. Or how else would you explain it?

Have you ever wondered how to make the world around you a better place? It is pretty easy to have the intentions but get confused on how to actualise this intention.

Here are some simple ways to make a difference and change the world:

Finding Positive Ways to Deal with Emotions

Hello Nelo's Halo readers.

I started the month wishing for a September to Remember. Guess what? Life happened. I got busy dealing with a number of things- work, family, starting a new venture, difficulties, etc.

In the midst of getting my hustle, I had to contend with a number of unforeseen things: learning, dealing with difficult situations & people, battling my emotions,etc. There were some days I did not want to get out of bed. There were other days  my mind would process so many thoughts and worries, I could not get a wink of sleep.

Perhaps, these seem familiar to you- worrying about bills, the new business not taking off, debtors, how to pay the kids tuition in the new school year, rising costs in the recession, a bad relationship, depression, etc.

How do you deal with all these hold-ups and the emotions?


I love to travel to new places as often as I can. I also spend a great deal of time dreaming of exotic places to visit. I even enjoy the process of applying for visas, standing on a long check-in queue, getting my travel vaccinations. I don’t even mind that I have to take of my shoes, belt, and jewelry and remove all my gadgets before I go through the metal detector. To me, these are just minute distractions as my eyes are set on the new experiences at that amazing destination.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to travel as often as I would like due to cash restraints. Recently, I got the itch to travel. This was a real travel craving and all I wanted at the time, was to pack up and go somewhere new. I got so desperate I was willing to do almost anything just to satisfy that craving. My bank balance brought me back to reality but I had to find a way to manage the situation.

Here are 5 alternatives for a travel enthusiast on a budget:


This blog post is inspired by my personal experience and that of many mothers. It's also in the spirit of World Breastfeeding week, celebrated annually from 1st to 7th August, around the world.

I became a first time mom in 2015 and I am a mother to a lovely 16 month girl. While I was pregnant, I did not question whether I would breastfeed or not. It was not an option. In fact, I looked forward to breastfeeding my baby. In addition to attending regular antenatal classes, I was also consistently reading up materials on the internet. As far as I was concerned, I had followed all the pre-natal instructions and was ready.

After successfully birthing my daughter, I was eager to start breastfeeding her. But guess what? I was not producing breast milk. Everyone from the nurses, to the doctor and my mom kept telling me to “put her to breast”. God knows I was trying, but nothing. By the second day I burst out crying, as I felt under so much pressure to deliver. Thankfully, I started producing milk after a few days and had to struggle with pain in my breasts, engorgement, low milk production, etc.

I share below, 3 things Nigerian mothers struggling with breastfeeding have to deal with:


When life gives you plenty garden eggs, make garden egg sauce. lol. Garden eggs seem to be in season at the moment and asides having them as a snack with groundnut, this is another way to put them to good use. It tastes yummy and is healthy too. I only learnt this recipe last year from a colleague and i'm glad i did. I love meals that are easy and fast like my sharp-sharp chicken veggie sauce and this does not take long to get ready. It is also a great alternative to tomato stew. Let's start.

The journey to becoming self-assured

Do you ever wish you could go back in time, to know some of the things you know now, but in time past? I don't really know how that would work but I let my imagination go wild many times.

 I find in recent times, I have thought and uttered these words "how I wish I knew then, the things I know now". But I concluded that every challenge, every mistake and every single thing that I knew or did not know are all part of my story. 

With each passing year, I find that I am becoming more self-assured. I have and am becoming more confident in my abilities, in myself. But it has not always been that way for me and looking back there are possibly reasons for that.

I decided to write down some of those things that can help one in becoming self-assured. I don't know it all, but I hope this is a message that someone can find meaning in them.

Bye Bye June! Welcome July!


The month of June is my month and I am always excited once we get to that time of the year. This is mostly because of my birthday (Gemini baby) and that we approaching the end of half-year. I'm particularly thankful for June 2016 as i feel closer to my dreams and purpose.

Here are some of the things i got up to :

7 must-watch videos to prepare for Baby's Arrival


Congratulations!!! You are going to be a mummy. It is such an exciting time when you realise you are expecting.

There is a whole lot of preparation to be done. You have a long shopping list, baby's room to get ready, finding domestic help, the pregnancy photo shoot, bridal shower packing your hospital bag, etc. At some point it may seem overwhelming and at other times you are in a Nesting mood and happy to organise. There are so many things to learn about being pregnant. My mum was glad to swap her own pregnancy stories and symptoms with me. Although, there were some aspects she conveniently forgot to tell me about pregnancy, delivery and baby's arrival. I guess she did not want to scare me so much.

So where do you begin your preparations from?

Whether you are going to be a First time mummy or already have kids, there is always something new to learn.

Here are my 7 must-watch videos that helped me prepare for Baby's Arrival :

My Fruit Obsession - Soursop

I just had to let the whole world know i am currently obsessed with Soursop. 

Nelos Halo Blog

I love all Fruits and can call myself a fruit lover but in the past one month, this has become an obsession. You can literally see me searching the streets of Lagos with my eyes looking for it. In fact the other day, my husband was driving the family back from a wedding and we drove past a lady selling Soursop on the street, i shouted "Soursop, please go back." Hahaha. He reversed because I have converted him and my baby girl, Zara too. There was a day I was close to tears and saying "why can't you two let me eat this fruit in peace?" Lol.

Life as a Consumer When Market Prices have Gone up by Toby Nwazor

Toby Nwazor-Life as a consumer when prices have gone up
It is very painful that even the price of ‘matches’ (matchsticks) has been affected by the current economic downturn. Recently in Abuja, I got to a market and wanted to buy a pack of matches at the initial price of 50 naira. The guy, who was hawking on foot looked at me and said "100 naira". I walked away hoping to buy it in front. I thought he didn't know what he was saying until I saw it at the same price elsewhere.
Well, matches are still a small thing. What about rice, the common staple food of most Nigerians? A bag of rice now costs between 13k to 15k.  While the smallest measure sells for 500naira. Instead of eating rice, some people have turned to Amala and gbegiri (Soup made from bean paste) to survive the hard times. Since beans still fairly have the same price, some bean haters have now turned to lovers of beans. Lol. Talk about the positive effect of an economic downturn.

Baby’s First teeth and Traditions

Nelo's Halo Blog

Zara's First Teeth

There are many things a first time mum has to learn on the motherhood journey. One of such things for me was teething in babies. As a first time mum, I had no idea about all the other symptoms attached to teething in babies. I had prayed and believed she would hit all her milestones by God’s grace.Thankfully, my daughter, Zara, brought forth her first tooth at about six months. Two of her lower front teeth were the first to arrive and we were glad. But before the tooth came out, they made quite the entrance, bothering my little madam. 


  • The first signs I noticed was drooling. She was literally producing ounces of saliva (I’m exaggerating). She needed to have a bib on at most times.

Nelo's Halo Blog

Mummy's Hula Hoop is great for scratching too

Why Tomato Scarcity should be a Blessing in Nigeria

Tomato scarcity

It has been some months since tomato became gold in Nigeria. It has become gold purely because the price has gone up by 200 percent or more in some cases.

Tomato is an important staple in most Nigerian homes, and is mostly used to prepare Stews (Beef stew, Chicken Stew, etc.) which accompanies other cooked food. For working mums like myself, cooking a batch of stew on weekends and freezing (where electricity is constant) makes meal times on week days, less stressful. Stew goes well with foods like rice, beans, yam, spaghetti, you name it. What is fried eggs without some sliced tomatoes? Aaaaaah! don't forget jollof rice o! Then our Yoruba neighbours from western Nigeria, use tomato as the base for most soups like: efo riro, efo ele-guisi, obe ata, etc. So you get my point about the importance of tomato in a Nigerian home.

What i'm listening to - Phyno ft. Olamide Fada Fada

I love Phyno's music and for so many reasons. He sings in Igbo and he makes our language so sexy.Plus he throws in all these lingo, you know, umu okwu di iche iche.

I'm currently jamming to Ghetto Gospel. It's my new praise and worship song. My pick me up song.

"Chineke buru ekene, riwe otito, fada fada eeeh" (Oh Lord, accept my praise, take all the glory,father)

Check out the video:

Setting Bedtime Routines for Baby

Help! Why won't my One year old go to bed by 9PM?
I'm at my wits end these days, not on all days, but mostly at night. I'm trying to understand why my one year old daughter, Zara, is wide awake by 11 pm? Just on Monday, she slept off at 12:39 am. I kid you not. So what is she doing by this time? You are wrong if you think she's sitting quietly or watching telly, in my dreams. She's running the marathon in the living room. Hmmm.

The researcher in me, i start doing a root cause analysis (covers face)


Happy Children's Day 2016

Children's Day 2016

Today is 27th May and it is celebrated as Children's day in Nigeria. Do you have such a celebration in your country? It is a big deal for primary and secondary school children as it is a school-free day for them.

When I was a little girl, I was glad to spend that day away from school. On a few occasions, my mum would take us out for lunch. Today, I saw many parents celebrating their kids on social media, taking their kids out (there's a restaurant on the ground floor of my office building). But I have one funny memory from way back. My parents had a domestic staff, Stella, called Ste for short. She grew up in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, the same state as me, Anambra. Every 27th May, she would reminisce about 'Marching'. She practically spent the whole day talking and dreaming about this marching.

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