Welcome to Nelo's Halo

       "Hello Hello,from me to a worthy fellow,  
        I welcome you to my Halo, 
My ring of light, my nimbus, my aura. 
Musings, thoughts, my echoes, 
I hope you find some mellow,or blue, yellow,
                             If not, do bellow.
My hope is not to bore you from the get go, 
Please come in, as I welcome you to Nelo's Halo."
                By Chinelo Okoli

Welcome to Nelo's Halo Blog. I thought of a special way to welcome you and poetry (one of my gifts) came to mind.

My expectation for my blog is to make a difference in my own way. I hope you get something new, if not, something to insight and excite you and make you stop. 

So cheers to this and many more days of writing and sharing.



Your comments are a ray of sunshine. Please leave one below and brighten my day some more. Thank you

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