Happy Children's Day 2016

Children's Day 2016

Today is 27th May and it is celebrated as Children's day in Nigeria. Do you have such a celebration in your country? It is a big deal for primary and secondary school children as it is a school-free day for them.

When I was a little girl, I was glad to spend that day away from school. On a few occasions, my mum would take us out for lunch. Today, I saw many parents celebrating their kids on social media, taking their kids out (there's a restaurant on the ground floor of my office building). But I have one funny memory from way back. My parents had a domestic staff, Stella, called Ste for short. She grew up in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, the same state as me, Anambra. Every 27th May, she would reminisce about 'Marching'. She practically spent the whole day talking and dreaming about this marching.


What is Marching? It is a gathering of all school children at the state stadium for a parade and march past. This was new to me, having grown up in Lagos, we did not have marching here. I asked my mum and she confirmed that this was the highlight of the school year for children in Eastern Nigeria. Me sef, i started craving the marching sef. Lol

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Have you attended any marching? Umunnem, Is it still held in Anambra or neigbouring states? Or do you have any other fun memories of how you spent Children's day as a child? How did you celebrate your kids today? Please share in the comment section.

Wishing all Children a great future of immense possibilities. 

Grow & Blossom my Lovelies.

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