Setting Bedtime Routines for Baby

Help! Why won't my One year old go to bed by 9PM?
I'm at my wits end these days, not on all days, but mostly at night. I'm trying to understand why my one year old daughter, Zara, is wide awake by 11 pm? Just on Monday, she slept off at 12:39 am. I kid you not. So what is she doing by this time? You are wrong if you think she's sitting quietly or watching telly, in my dreams. She's running the marathon in the living room. Hmmm.

The researcher in me, i start doing a root cause analysis (covers face)


  1. She got it from her mama.
When i complained to my mum, she responded "O yiri gi" (In Igbo: she resembles you). I struggled with insomnia from a young age. When i was pregnant with her, I prayed fervently for her to sleep like her dad. He can sleep through the loudest noise (super annoying). 
   2. She's had several naps during the day.
Infants do love their naps and could get cranky if they don't get to sleep when they get in that mood. I even made a rule of her not taking any more naps once its 3pm. That has not been totally successful.

     3. Walking is too exciting
Since she started walking, its like her favorite activity. Could it be she's craving some late night exercise.

WHAT NEXT? I decided to talk to a friend at work, Seyi, about this. She's a mum of two and her youngest is just a few weeks younger than Zara. Her tip was for me to 'back' Zara by her bedtime. She promised her son would resist for the first 10 minutes but would doze off. Well i gave it a try on thursday and it worked like magic. Even my hubby asked, what I did to his baby. Lol.

THE LESSON: Set a child's bedtime and lovingly enforce it.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for getting your baby to sleep at bedtime? Please share.


  1. Love that your setting boundaries and really early on too. Good luck!

  2. Lool! Princess Zara couldn't resist the "backing" comfort!! #Uraeburugoya ....:-D

  3. I'm in the exact situation as you! , girl is 1 too and she has difficulties falling asleep. Sometimes backing her works, at other times, it doesn't. My baby sometimes gives in to sleep at 2:00 am! Lying with her by my side leads her to sleep on some days but it is not guaranteed.
    You have a lovely blog!

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    1. You are right precious. Every kid is different. We just have to keep up. Thanks for the compliment on my blog. Daalu!


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