7 must-watch videos to prepare for Baby's Arrival


Congratulations!!! You are going to be a mummy. It is such an exciting time when you realise you are expecting.

There is a whole lot of preparation to be done. You have a long shopping list, baby's room to get ready, finding domestic help, the pregnancy photo shoot, bridal shower packing your hospital bag, etc. At some point it may seem overwhelming and at other times you are in a Nesting mood and happy to organise. There are so many things to learn about being pregnant. My mum was glad to swap her own pregnancy stories and symptoms with me. Although, there were some aspects she conveniently forgot to tell me about pregnancy, delivery and baby's arrival. I guess she did not want to scare me so much.

So where do you begin your preparations from?

Whether you are going to be a First time mummy or already have kids, there is always something new to learn.

Here are my 7 must-watch videos that helped me prepare for Baby's Arrival :

1. One Born Every Minute

This TV series is as real as it gets. It chronicles the pregnancy and delivery journey of expectant mothers. I watched the UK version both on TV and Youtube. It originally airs on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. It also runs in the US and airs on Lifetime. Even C-section deliveries are shown and if you hate the sight of blood like myself, you may want to look away. Just remember that a  lot of the features on the show may not apply at your local hospital. I remember asking a nurse on one of my antenatal sessions about epidurals, she promised it is not administered at the hospital. I started to panic but was assured of other pain killers. Also, C-section deliveries are done under general anesthesia, as such you would be asleep when baby arrives. Also, water births are not on the menu, sorry. Neither are home births, these options are available in the United Kingdom. So, remember to ask many questions during your antenatal sessions.

2. Call the Midwife

This is British drama you can watch on BBC Lifestyle channel on DSTV. You can also watch episodes on Youtube. The series is set in England but many decades ago and features the daily antics of midwives and reverend sisters of Nonnatus House. What i like about the show is its story line, which shows real life experiences of mothers and pregnancy. Like an episode about a baby born with Brittle bones syndrome was all the persuasion i needed to take my calcium tablets when i was pregnant (i hate pills). It also shows how far gynaecology and obstetrics have come. Lucky for those in the UK who have visiting midwives in most parts, this is not a service available in Nigeria.

3.I didn't Know I was Pregnant

This show airs on TLC on DSTV and is a re-enactment of real life experiences. It shows the unusual places women have gone into labour and delivered their babies. There was an episode of a woman giving birth on the street of New York and people gathered and were taking pictures, thank God for a lady who finally came to her aid. Another episode, had a woman who had been told she could not conceive and only assumed she was gaining weight. In Nigeria, women will rush to cover your modesty with their wrappers. If you are still stalling about packing your hospital bag, this is a great motivation.

4.What to Expect when Expecting

This is an American movie from 2012 and is named after the famous pregnancy book of the same title. It features Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks and a host of others. It follows the journey of 5 women at the discovery of pregnancy. It also shows the not-so glamorous sides of pregnancy e.g. stretch marks, varicose veins, etc.

5. Six Little McGhees

This reality show airs on TLC and only started airing after the African American McGhee Couple had their sextuplets. Please watch this show before you say Amen to all those people calling you 'Iya Ibeta' mother of triplets. Six kids at the same time can be no joke and this is coming from a mom of one. But God will not lead you to where His grace will not cover you.

6. Maami

This movie is a Tunde Kelani Production and features Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele. Some parts are in Yoruba but it is sub-titled in English. Although this movie is not about child birth it shows a mother's love. It prepares you for the selfless service a good mother makes in raising her child. It is the story of a mother who single-handedly raises her son in her struggles, after escaping an evil husband. This is another tear jerker, i tell you.

7. Life in Lagos: Sisi Yemmie Weekly

Sisi Yemmie, shares her experiences as a wife and mom of one in Lagos in her weekly Vlogs. There are not many of such Nigerian videos or reality shows out there, so I find it interesting. i watched it after i had my daughter, as she had her son a few months after me. Her pregnancy and delivery vlog is one side of the birthing experience you may experience at a Nigerian hospital. Please don't be too scared after watching this as it is not always the case. It is informative and should help you research your delivery options.

I had my baby in a Private Specialist hospital in Lagos, Nigeria and had the best experience. My Obstetrician/Gynaecologist/Surgeon is the best and has become a family friend. The nurses are nothing like the typical scary Nigerian stereotyped nurses. We were all impressed with the service we received. If you are interested in the details of the hospital, I would be happy to share with you. Please send me an email via: chinelorokoli@yahoo.com 

Are there other TV shows you watched  or resources that helped you in your preparation for baby's arrival?Please share in the comment section.


  1. I really wanted to watch, "What to expect when you're expecting" during my last pregnancy but for some reason, I couldn't find it. You've just aroused my interest in again. Thanks for sharing your list with us.


    1. You're welcome Presh. I actually have the movie and have watched it a number of times. You sef are now a veteran in the game o! But there's always something new to learn


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