I love to travel to new places as often as I can. I also spend a great deal of time dreaming of exotic places to visit. I even enjoy the process of applying for visas, standing on a long check-in queue, getting my travel vaccinations. I don’t even mind that I have to take of my shoes, belt, and jewelry and remove all my gadgets before I go through the metal detector. To me, these are just minute distractions as my eyes are set on the new experiences at that amazing destination.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to travel as often as I would like due to cash restraints. Recently, I got the itch to travel. This was a real travel craving and all I wanted at the time, was to pack up and go somewhere new. I got so desperate I was willing to do almost anything just to satisfy that craving. My bank balance brought me back to reality but I had to find a way to manage the situation.

Here are 5 alternatives for a travel enthusiast on a budget:

If you are in paid employment, this is the time to use up some of your leave days. What are you saving them up for? Even if you are an entrepreneur or work freelance, take some days off work and let all stakeholders know this. It is a good idea to include the dates you will be away below each of your emails, so you stay undisturbed. Use this opportunity to rest and unwind and get your mind off work.

     2.  GO ON A DAY TRIP
A Day Trip is “a journey that you make for pleasure in which you go to a place and come back on the same day” (Macmillian Dictionary). Plan a fun activity such as: a visit to the beach, the museum, galleries, nature- reserve, the zoo, etc. and find friends or family to accompany you. This will make the trip more fun-filled. The more the merrier. It is advisable to travel by bus, train or ferry or a hired vehicle to eliminate the burden of driving. You can have more fun catching up, playing games, having sing-alongs or take a long nap while you are en-route.

If like me you love being on a plane and find it relaxing, you can plan a two day visit to see family or friends in a neighbouring city. You get to travel by air and at a lower cost too. You also get to save on hotel fees by lodging with family or friends for free. While you are there, use the opportunity to see the town. This will save you loads of money you would have spent on an international trip.

I love to eat and love to cook good food as well. But one of the things I love to take a break from when I am on holiday, is cooking. Find new places to eat out. You can ask around for recommendations or visit food review sites to seek out these hidden gems. What is a holiday without pictures? Be sure to capture these amazing memories on your camera or mobile phone. If you want to get the tourist treatment, ask people along the way to help you take these shots. After all, you take selfies every day.

Window shopping is the act of looking at items displayed in store windows without the intention of purchasing the items. This is a great alternative when you remember you are low on cash and cannot afford to go on a shopping spree. You can even try on a few items for good measure. Who knows, you may be coming back to purchase something when you finances are looking up.

I hope these tips give you some comfort and cure your travel craving in the short term.


  1. These are great great tips Nelo! I LOVE going somewhere local even if it's just for a night. It's so refreshing. In Lagos, last month we went to La Campaign for a night. Sharing on the blog tomorrow. In the UK, we also try to find places to go. I can't believe you enjoy the process of applying for visas and all! Barbados is visa free sha, and some other countries. Full list on the blog, in the post below.

    KacheeTee.com || Follow me on Bloglovin'!

    Our Trip to Barbados (It's really visa free for Nigerians!)

    1. Thanks Kachi. Don't mind me i'm weird like dat. The visa wahala does not get to me. I once had to go to abuja from Lagos to apply for a visa. I did not mind it at all. Never been to La Campagne but heard it's real nice

  2. Finding new places around you is so much fun. Hopefully, I'll go on one of such adventures this week! I never get tired of window shopping! Thanks for sharing, Nelo!


    1. You see, we are kindred spirits. Who gets tired of window shopping? Have a safe trip dear. Hope to read about it on ur blog

  3. Lovely tips dear, I love travelling as well but right now I cant because of my little smallies Lol but hopefully soon I will try and plan towards travelling and Yes I cant get tired of window shopping. Well done dearie.


    1. Thanks Tessy. I can only imagine how hectic it can be travelling with several kids

  4. Very nice tips Nelo.
    Cash restraint is the real G especially as the economy is tight. I've been thinking of taking time off for a vacation all year and your tips came in handy. Thanks for this.


  5. Nice tips Nelo. There are lots of places to visit in Nigeria, Ikogosi, whispering palms, LA campagne. I have visited all 3, but my best was la campagne, then Ikogosi. I wrote a post on my trip to Ikogosi. People can have a staycation. Am planning one this Dec for 5days. Staycation is a home vacation, u stay at home but go out to places everyday like u do on a vacation, eat out everyday. for us in Nigeria, it will also mean ensuring u have light 24/7.

    1. Thanks. You know I've never been to those places. I should plan to visit

  6. Lovely tips..thanks for sharing

  7. Im no expert, but I believe you just made an excellent point. You certainly fully understand what youre speaking about, and I can truly get behind that. stop for travel enthusiasts


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