Finding Positive Ways to Deal with Emotions

Hello Nelo's Halo readers.

I started the month wishing for a September to Remember. Guess what? Life happened. I got busy dealing with a number of things- work, family, starting a new venture, difficulties, etc.

In the midst of getting my hustle, I had to contend with a number of unforeseen things: learning, dealing with difficult situations & people, battling my emotions,etc. There were some days I did not want to get out of bed. There were other days  my mind would process so many thoughts and worries, I could not get a wink of sleep.

Perhaps, these seem familiar to you- worrying about bills, the new business not taking off, debtors, how to pay the kids tuition in the new school year, rising costs in the recession, a bad relationship, depression, etc.

How do you deal with all these hold-ups and the emotions?

  • Just Do It
One thing I realised from being a mom, my time is not my own. Even when I don't feel like getting out of bed, I just have to- make my daughter's food, get her clean, entertain her. I find that keeping busy is an effective way  of dealing with raging emotions. So, get out of the dumps and get busy with something productive.

  • Put your Best Foot Forward
I find that making an effort to look better than the way I feel, gives me that boost. You don't have to be a walking billboard of your problems. Are you the only one with problems? NO!  So put on some nice looking clothes, slap on some make up and plaster a smile on your face. Everything will be all right.

  • Shake it Off
Some of my favorite things to lift my spirits in a bad mood include: listening to upbeat music, watching comedy videos, dancing, exercise, cooking up a storm, etc. And they work like a charm. 

What are the positive ways you deal with your emotions?


  1. Yes, keeping busy definitely helps with my emotions. Allows me to think of something else. I have a post related to this on my blog actually. Most times, I try to take a walk or read a book.
    Laitanbee Blog

  2. Thanks for stopping by Laitan. Will check out that post on your blog

  3. I am melancholy and always have to battle with my emotions. To be honest, I just cry it out then listen to an excerpt from any of my Pastor's messages.

    1. Aaaaaw! I can relate. Sometimes you just need to cry it out and get it out of your system. And I do that too. It's also great to have a spiritual well to draw from

  4. Hi Chinelo,

    Ah, this post resonates deeply. Lately, I feel like I'm battling with my emotions especially as I've gotten busier and more anxious about things working out perfectly.

    One way I deal with this is curling up in bed with a good book, escaping into the story always makes me so happy. Music also lifts my spirits. :-)

    Most importantly, prayer always reassures me.

  5. Hello Nelo, I really found these tips helpful. I definitely try and keep myself busy and I find it helps with the raging emotions.

  6. Awww, I love you Nelo.
    With the many things we have to do, we can get anxious quickly.
    I'm learning to give it all to God and trust in Him to help me do the things that I need to do. In my weakness, He is strong.

    All the best with your endeavours, dear. THANKS FOR THE TIPS!!


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