4 Ways Women Can Be Bold For Change

It is another March 8th and time to celebrate International Women’s Day. In truth, we should celebrate women and the girl child every day. Every year, a theme is highlighted to give focus to the celebration. The theme for 2017 is “Be Bold for Change”. It is a powerful theme and I just love it.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day 2017, I decided to share 4 ways myself and other women can be bold for change.
Show yourself love by embracing your femininity. I don’t mean only your sultry soft side but instead of seeing my emotional side as a weakness, I embrace it and put it to good use. There are times when societal norms and backward cultures may make you feel pissed off or think aloud “if only I were a man”. Except you are willing to undergo a sex change, love every single side of your beautiful female self. Love your strength, love your physique, love your intuition, your gift of nurture, your intelligence, etc.

You are a star and the world should know it. There may be days when you can hardly get anything on your to do list done. You are not alone, so don’t beat yourself up. Rather, seek out those things you excelled in and let them make you happy. It could be finally getting my toddler to learn how to use a spoon, becoming the first woman on your company’s board, getting your degree, etc. Celebrate your successes as the world deserves to know.
This was actually an International Women’s day theme from a few years ago. We can pay it forward by providing support to other women who are walking a path we have walked before. This is one of the reasons I started Nelo’s Halo blog as I wanted to share my experience as a woman and mother and hopefully inspire someone out there. You do not have to do anything grand or you can if within your means. It could be giving my daughter the best education, mentoring your female colleague(s) at work, counselling your younger niece or cousin, etc.

Everyone has fears. For me, it could be the fear of not fulfilling my purpose, not being the world’s best mother. For others it could be: not achieving your career goals, not kick starting your business, etc. Whatever fear that taunts you, I believe you have to look it in the eye and conquer it by simply ‘Trying’. Even if it does not work out the first time around, keep trying till you succeed.

I celebrate all the great women who I have been fortunate to have in my life: my mother, sister, daughter, cousins, grandmothers, girlfriends. I also celebrate all the many other strong women who have gone before us to pave the way. I celebrate all the other women and girls who have come after us and who will do great things. Here is to us and our bold, bright and amazing future. #Beboldforchange.


  1. Well written sis.

  2. I enjoyed reading this. You passed across the message in a relatable way. Yes to embracing our weaknesses and faults and fears. Thanks for this post
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