Helpful Tips to cope with Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Morning sickness affects around 7 out of 10 women in the early stages of pregnancy. The two most common symptoms are nausea and vomiting. An interesting fact is that it can last for the most part of the day, not just in the morning. 

Personally, it is one aspect of pregnancy I do not look forward to, as my morning sickness experiences were pretty frightening in both pregnancies. It usually starts around week 7 and may stop by week 15 for most women. A small percentage of women experience a more severe form of morning sickness called Hyperemesis gravidarum. Princess Kate Middleton of England struggled with this extreme form in her two pregnancies. There are also the lucky few women who do not experience morning sickness at all in pregnancy.

Thankfully, baby usually remains unharmed through this difficult time. Also, there are many tips out there for coping with morning sickness, but I am going to be sharing some of the tips that worked for me. Please note, there is no magic pill to make morning sickness disappear, these tips will only help any pregnant woman cope better. 

  1. Indulge your cravings
As my nose became more sensitive to smell, and my palate more selective, there were many things I could not eat in those early days. This included my favorite foods and as a foodie, this was very painful. The trick is to eat whatever you crave as many times during the day. In my first and second pregnancies I could only eat Amala and ewedu with beef only (yam flour and soup). On most days, this was my breakfast, lunch and dinner. The funny part is, this is a meal i do not fancy on a normal day. I give kudos to my husband and mum who had to go out and buy this on most days. 

     2. Bland food please!
I find bland foods are more tolerable when experiencing morning sickness. Examples are: irish potatoes, crackers, popcorn, garri and sugar, bread, etc. Stay away from fried foods or spicy foods as the smell may trigger nausea or vomiting. Also, my doctor advised eating cold food. The reason is that hot food tends to give off stronger aroma and this worked for me. Do not worry over the nutritional attributes of the foods. Just try to get in whatever food you can. Once the morning sickness disappears, you can make up for lost time.

      3. Little by Little
Eat in little quantities and a little at a time. Instead of aiming for three square meals, you can have five to six smaller meals during the day. Also, rushing your meals can also trigger vomiting. After each meal, try not to lay down immediately, so your food can settle down.

      4. Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated with fluids can also help you cope better with morning sickness. I found it particularly challenging drinking water, as it developed a bitter taste in my mouth during the first trimester. I tried to take as much water as i could tolerate in little sips. I substituted this with 'Water Melon' which is rich in vitamins and water. You can also add whatever fruit you can tolerate to your water to give it some flavour. However, my doctor advises against taking lemons in the first trimester, as it has been linked to causing miscarriages in some women. Also, you can fill up on malted soft drinks as they help you feel fuller and is a better alternative to carbonated soft drinks. Finally, if you are unable to keep any food or drink down for 48 hours straight, visit your doctor. Vomiting can lead to dehydration and loss of electrolytes and this can be replenished with intravenous drips.

     5. Rest, Rest, Rest
You need plenty of rest at this time. This may prove particularly challenging for working pregnant women. But try as much as possible not to stress yourself or exert yourself. Take things easy. In my first pregnancy i used most of my lunch break for taking naps at the office. If you already have kids, you can get your husband to do more of the child minding or make alternative child care arrangements.

     6. Get Support
It can feel like such a lonely time dealing with morning sickness. It helps to have support from your spouse, family and friends. It may be as simple as: someone to talk to, help around the house, babysitting, etc. 

While morning sickness could disturb your peace in pregnancy, treat it like a waiting game. Your respite is some weeks away and you will love that pregnancy glow. 

Let's hear your experiences with morning sickness or share any tips that helped you cope in the comment section.


  1. Yep. I couldn't drink water cos of the bitter taste and spitting, I resulted to eating ice blocks and making sure I had ice block in my mouth. In as much as I hate to say this, my craving for my 1st baby was a bottle of stout. Nice right up

  2. Nice post, you have a good doctor. 1st trimester discomforts can be very stressful, glad you found your way around it. As one continues into the 2nd trimester some discomforts resolve and some new ones develop, and support is very important during pregnancy. Just ensure you treat each as it comes.
    I can also share with you useful tips to cope with various discomforts.

  3. When I'm pregnant bland foods are my go-to. I hate anything spicy in that period. Morning sickness is awful. It's a good thing it doesn't harm the baby. Thanks for sharing, Nelo!

  4. These are all great tips! I was so thirsty all the time so drinking water was a big one for me. I think indulging cravings is a good idea too..listen to what your body wants!

  5. the first remedy works like crazy. Indulging in your cravings was the only way I could manage morning sickness.

    1. Anything thing to keep morning sickness at bay. Thanks Pooja

  6. Great tips. I've seen candy in the store that helps with morning sickness too. Not sure if it works though, I didn't have morning sickness.

    1. ReallY would love to know the name of the candy. Lucky you April

  7. Great advice! I had morning sickness with both pregnancies. The second time around all I wanted was protein. After I ate it, I felt fine.

    1. Aaaawww! I can only tolerate beef in pregnancy. I can't stand fish and chicken is hit and miss.

  8. With my third daughter I had mild morning sickness. Crackers and pretzels were my go to.


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