5 fun things to do with kids

Hello guys, it is that that time of the year again and Children's day is around the corner. It is marked on 27th May every year and is dedicated to celebrating children in Nigeria. Kids in primary and secondary schools look forward to this day as they get the day off school. How cool is that? 

Some parents already have an idea of how they would celebrate their kids this year. But if you are a mummy, daddy, aunty, uncle, etc. and you do not have any thing planned, then know that I got you. There is no using work as an excuse or escape, especially since Children's day falls on a Saturday in 2017. Lol!


    1. Visit the Amusement Park
The amusement park is a great way to get your kids active with the many fun rides and games. The parents are not left out as there is something for everyone. Luckily, in Lagos, where i live, there are a number of amusement parks such as: Apapa Amusement Park, Hi-Impact Planet, etc.

     2. Get your feet wet at the Beach

There is nothing that kids love more than sand and water. So you can make your way to the beach to have some seaside fun. Remember to pack some food, drinks, towels or blankets. Also, keep a close eye on the kids to keep them away from the deep end.

   3. Give the kids a treat at their favorite restaurant


You can give the kids a treat by taking them out to lunch at their favorite restaurant. Don't forget some ice cream too.

   4. Visit your local park and playground

 You can take the kids to your local park or playground to have some good old fun on the swings and rides. They will love this too.

 5. Spend Quality time with your kids
This is the most important activity of the day for me. I know parenting can be demanding and you may have other things planned for the day, but make out some time to spend with the kids. It could be sharing jokes, watching a movie, getting to know how they are doing at school.

Be sure to celebrate your precious kids this children's day.

Do you have any other ideas of fun things to do with kids on children's day? Let me know in the comment section.

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