Note to Self for this Birthday and in all Weathers

It is another 6th of June and time to celebrate my birthday. For some reason, I was not in the mood to celebrate this year. As my birthday drew closer, I started to feel some dread, and that slowly got me in a funky mood.

I was feeling some kind of way when I looked back at the past one year. As I have gotten older, I tend to do some sort of appraisal of my self on my birthday. Looking back at the past one year, I feel as though I missed the mark on a good number of goals I set for myself. 

"I'm questioning where I am versus where I ought to be.
        How did those goals not translate into reality or money?"

And then i started to think and over-analyse, like it was going to make any difference. 

Just as the birthday text messages from my banks started to come in (yeah they love all those interests they make from me), and more messages from family and friends kept coming in, I had a slight change of mind. 

Perhaps, the past one year of my life has not been that bad. In fact, it has been good and I have so much to be thankful for. I am still not in a party mood but I decided to write this 'note to self' for this birthday and in all other weathers.

  • I am Enough
It does not matter that I missed the mark on some of my goals, or how I compare to my peers. I am doing something good with my life and that is enough. I am excelling at motherhood, being a wife, daughter, sister, friend and not forgetting blogger. I am learning to love myself each day, flaws and all.

  • I am Strong
I have managed the difficulties that life has presented to me. I have held my head up high even when the odds were against me. I took a leap professionally and gained confidence in new beginnings. I am raising a wonderful child and seeing what it means to truly be a mother. I have battled ill health and come out alive. I am strong.

  • I have a Purpose
God has a reason for putting me on earth and I am working to fulfill that purpose. Starting as a Parenting and Lifestyle blog is only one step in that direction.

Please send me your positive vibes as I look forward to more years of happiness and greatness on this earth.


  1. Blogs like yours are inspiring. it makes one hold on to values and that there are still people of honour especially in these materialistic times. Good work


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