100+ Unique Igbo Baby Names and Meanings

100+ Unique Igbo Baby Names and Meanings

Get a list of 110 unique Igbo Names, Meanings and Short forms.

The process of naming your new baby is one of the exciting things for parents. For some, you already have a name (s) for your unborn child(ren) even before having kids. While for others, you need some help coming up with unique baby names while you await baby's arrival.

As a Nigerian mum, there are various traditions and child naming is no different. The process of naming a child varies from tribe or what part of the country you and/or your spouse are from. In my case, my husband and I are Igbo and from the south-eastern part of Nigeria. Traditionally, babies are given Igbo names after 8 days at a ceremony. But times have changed and not many Igbo people observe the traditional naming ceremony. We had a name for our daughter before her arrival, and let's say the process of arriving at a name is a story I will save for another day. We chose the name: Chizaram, you can find its meaning below.

For any expectant parents, I have taken the pleasure to draw up a list of 110 Unique Igbo baby names, with their meanings, short forms and gender.

These names are not restricted for parents of Igbo extraction, you can also get your Beyonce on and feel like a celebrity while you christen your precious angel with one of these names. A bonus is these Igbo names sound as exotic as: Blue Ivy, Sir, Rumi, Apple,etc. and they have great meanings as well.

Here are the next 50 Unique Igbo baby names:

100 Unique igbo baby names

These are the bonus 10 unique Igbo baby names below:
100 unique igbo baby names

So what is your favourite of all 110 Igbo baby names on the list?


  1. Hi 'Nelo,

    Igbo names are beautiful, thank you so much for sharing this "Naming Ceremony Starter Kit" :-)

    I love Zikora!

    Recently, I came across a rather unique Igbo name - Jeweluchi.

    1. Thank you Nedu. I love how you called it 'Naming ceremony starter kit'. I'll be stealing that. Lol. You are very correct about Igbo names being beautiful #igboamaka. I just heard that Jeweluchi too for the first time, thanks to Ebuka and his wife.

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  3. You didn't put omasirichukwu,zimuzo,and chikamara.my daughter's names are zikora,omasirichukwu and olachi.

    1. Hi Amaka, Thanks for stopping by my blog. There are over a thousand Igbo names, i just had to stop at 110. Those are nice names as well


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