I have a New Baby

Hello Lovelies.

How have you all been doing? I trust all is working out for you.

I know I have been gone from the blog for about 3 months, but I was up to something. I took some time off to have my second baby. My bundle of joy arrived on 7th July and we are thrilled to welcome her into the world and our family.

We named her 'Kamarachidi"- an Igbo name which means, "Let God's grace abound". She is a child birthed in grace. My pregnancy was a challenging one, but God's grace kept me here and also kept Kamara. Both mommy and baby are doing fine.

As my family expands, there is a lot to get used to. Things are more hectic, i must confess. Zara is doing fine, having started pre-school in September. She loves Kamara so much and keeps going "my sister, my sister". So adorable! Daddy is also doing fine.

Stay tuned as I back and better. I wish you all a wonderful time.


  1. Congratulations again Nelo!
    Kamara is such a lovely name. God bless her forever.



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