Do you Kegel? The Exercise Mummy is Cleared for before her Six weeks Post partum Check-up.

Moms out there will tell you that your body changes after you have a baby. You may 'snap back' very fast but something seems to change in the way your body feels or works.

Now let me tell you guys, after I had my First child, I experienced a big shocker. It had nothing to do with my looks, because my belly still looked like I was 5 months pregnant and I was swollen all over. I was cool with that.
Now the first time I peed, I was standing over the toilet bowl and was shocked to see I was not peeing in a straight line. What was happening to me? Instead of a straight line of pee, I had a shower spray kinda pee. OMG! I am not old and don't want to sit on the bowl while peeing, especially when it is not my own bathroom at home. I remembered the scene in the movie "This is 40", where Barb was telling Debbie how she pees like a shower head after suffering nerve damage from her delivery. (Awesome movie by the way).

I became worried especially since it happened a few more times. Nothing worse that going for a leak and coming out wet with urine. 

Anyway, I started reading up and found that my pelvic floor muscles (the muscles that support your urethra, bladder, uterus, and rectum) were weak post-baby and this was not a permanent ailment. I was happy to find one exercise I could do to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and I did not have to wait to get cleared by my doctor at six weeks post-partum to get started. To think I knew this exercise and had done them in the past.

What are Kegels?
Kegels are exercises done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The are named after the first Gynecologist who recommended them. 

Kegels are one exercise every new mom can do before doctor clears her at the six weeks post-partum hospital visit. You don't need to visit the gym or work up a sweat to do the kegel. 

To do the kegel, act like you are trying to interrupt the flow of urine. You don't have to be in the toilet to do it, you can kegel anywhere and nobody needs to know. Remember you are pretending to stop the flow of your pee. It is a squeezing sensation. You can do them a few times a day and over time your pelvic floor muscles get strengthened. In fact, you can make it a daily routine. 

BENEFITS: Doing kegels have a number of benefits. These include: preventing or treating Urinary Stress Incontinence, possibly accelerate healing of an episiotomy, bladder control, improving the muscle tone of the vagina after both a vaginal or ceaserean delivery. Give it a try to spice thing up in the bedroom.

This was what I did to solve my 'shower head pee'. Doing kegels saved me and I have not stopped doing them ever since.

For the moms reading, did you experience anything similar to my experience after you had your baby? Or have you been doing Kegel exercises? Let me know in the comment section.

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